We provide strategic and managerial advice to support enterprises and organisations in sustainable innovation patterns

Avanzi provides understanding on social, economic and environmental dynamics on a local and global scale. We support top and middle management in the identification of risk mitigation strategies and in the development of programmes, activities and pilots to capture opportunities and create value for all the stakeholders. We design products and services with a high social and environmental value. We develop metrics to measure the value that has been created through the implementation of sustainability projects and policies and we provide innovative suggestions on how to communicate it.

We have set a new benchmark for companies that want to successfully manage strategic and operational risks and opportunities in their social and environmental field.

We also work in the non-profit sector with those who want to be active participants in sustainable development, increasing their efficiency and transparency. We promote innovative partnerships between these two worlds, aimed at creating shared economic and social value.

  • Change management
  • Strategy
  • Accountability & engagement
  • Integrated Thinking

    Involvement of non financial elements into strategic thinking

  • Organisational models

    Relaunch and repositioning of structures and sustainability issues inside and outside the enterprise

  • Culture of sustainability

    Internal engagement, activation and dissemination of an integrated sustainable approach to core processes

(Re)positioning towards sustainability

Analysis of macro-trends to foster new products and services development for enterprises

Shared value projects

Strengthening business competitiveness responding to social needs

Development of innovative business models

Integration of emerging patterns (i.e. sharing economy, collaborative economy) into business strategy

Business citizenship

Support to the cooperation between local actors to foster change

Sustainability and social innovation strategies

Considering stakeholder needs and visions when designing new business models and plans.
Development of shared value projects to strengthen business competitiveness through the management of social needs in a sustainable way

Innovative engagement approaches

Profit – non for profit partnerships

Integrated reporting

Sustainability reporting

We activate stakeholder engagement and crowd dynamics. We enjoy looking for new ways of supporting the community sector leading it to sustainability goals. We produce reporting and communication processes and we provide stakeholders with innovative accountability models.

We have worked with