Research & Development

We carry out research to contribute to the understanding and dissemination of innovation practices and to make a radical change towards sustainability

To us research means change. Research designs change, leads it and assesses it.

It is a reflective way of designing that examines the whole policy cycle. Project development tests its accuracy and makes it more efficient and effective.

To us research means working with the community and co-designing with all the actors involved.

Urban regeneration

Technical assistance and support to place-based regeneration projects
Design of community development and social cohesion policies
Research and support to initiatives of urban social innovation, new welfare and inclusion

Integrated local development

Coordination of multi-level partnership aimed at implementing local development policies
Strategic planning, design and management of processes
Support to social entrepreneurship projects and to community enterprises dealing with new urban services (social housing, energy, mobility)

Stakeholder engagement

Planning and management of inclusive decision making processes
Design and support to participatory planning practices
Management of environmental and territorial issues (infrastructures, energy, waste, water)


Social impact assessment
Strategic environmental assessment
Sustainability assessment
Risk assessment

Support to urban policies

Design and management of co-financed projects concerning social cohesion and local cooperation programmes
Planning of financial devices for urban regeneration and community development
International research and networking