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 If you’re in or around Milan, this one’s for you…

Ben&Andrew are coming from London to Milan to facilitate an exclusive, free two day workshop called MakeMilano on the weekend of 7 and 8 February at Barra A, in association with Microsoft and Avanzi.

We’d love you to be involved.

The workshop brings together a selected group of 25 makers, business starters, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs and technologists, to co-create and build innovative solutions for a challenge facing one of the participating business’s ideas, selected by the MakeMilano team.

In short, it gets people from co-working spaces, co-working!

Application is easy. Anyone interested should just fill in the application form at from today to February 1st. Applicants are asked to tell us a bit about their work, organisation or project & then to tell us about a challenge they face in their work.

On February 1st, the MakeMilano team will choose just 25 of the most exciting applicants to take part in the free workshop, then the one most compelling challenge presented, for the group to work on at the workshop.

In the sessions participants will work with us and the Avanzi and Microsoft teams, learning creative problem-solving techniques, in a collaborative hands-on workshop, that not only shows how to use technologies to solve business challenges, but also how to better share expertise and expand your real face-to-face network.

If you’re in Milan, we’d love you and your smartest friends at MakeMilano. So please feel free to share, post this to your blog or website, or pass on the link via email or social media to friends, contacts and colleagues who you think would be interested in a free place at MakeMilano.

We’ll let everyone know by 1st February if they are in: best of luck to all!


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