Our Vision

If everything was as we wanted it to be, maybe Avanzi wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have our fighting spirit and creative longing. Because if everything was as we wanted it to be, sustainability would be the common way to live, to consume, to produce

We look for solutions that balance public and private interest, that benefit both the individual and the community. We research innovative patterns that put people first, reduce waste and enhance resources. We put ethics and respect at heart of our work. We believe in human dignity, pursuit of beauty and logical choices, elements that can create value for the community without anyone losing out. This is what we do and this is the field we want to be challenged on: here is our engagement of responsibility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, disseminate and implement sustainable innovation practices through innovation drivers investigation and effective policies and processes development.

Who we are

  • A group of people who share a vision
  • A group of professionals that combine different competences and knowledge to find innovative solutions to social and environmental issues
  • Entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers that risk, fail, play, trying to bravely fight contemporary challenges

Our uniqueness

  • Observing and listening

    We know where we are headed, but we don’t always know how to get there. This doesn’t scare us at all, in fact it pushes us to look for the best solution, every time. Firstly we listen, then we act. We pay attention to the interests and needs of all the actors to find the best path towards change, even in the most complex situations

  • Thinking and researching

    Every project is a challenge we take on willing to prove that change is possible even when everything seems immutable. We can’t offer obvious solutions to difficult problems: thinking and researching are the core activities of our practice. Customisation is our distinctive feature, meaning that we give value to human relationships and we adopt a tailor-made approach

  • Experimenting

    We firmly believe that experimentation gathers useful elements to develop great projects, that preliminary analysis requires in-field confrontation, that a trial&error approach is not a luxury, but the right way to do our job. We adopt this approach for our ideas and with every individual we work with